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For Consignment Store Owners
Who Want to Increase Their Cash Flow!

Does your consignment store
need more income? I can help!

What is the Money Maker
Consignment System:

Over the past 20 years, Paulette Baker has worked in the resale industry and discovered timeless trades and strategies that have brought success to her company.   Whether you’re new to resale or have been in it for a long time, the Money Maker Consignment Systems Premium Book for the professional resale shop owner can give you secrets to success.


  • How her consignment company easily generates six figures
  • Inspire, challenge and equip you with business strategies to bring fresh ideas
  • How to earn increased profits to your company
  • Business tools to grow your business
  • Social media and website strategies to bring more sales
  • Engaging email marketing campaigns
  • Impulse buying methods to increase sales at your checkout counter
  • How to merchandise your store for increase profits
  • How and where to discover hidden monies in your company and so much more!


The Money Maker Consignments Systems Premium Book is filled with Money, Merchandising and Marketing strategies to help you grow your business.   Purchase your book today and bump your company’s sales for  an incredibly strong selling season.

For Consignment Store Owners Who Want to Increase Their Cash Flow!

Created by Paulette Baker:
Entrepreneur  |  Business Consultant  |  Coach

MMCS Premium Edition

by Paulette Baker



Complete Premium System to increase your cash flow.


MMCS Journal

by Paulette Baker



Keep your ideas and thoughts in one convenient place while you use the Money Maker Consignment Systems.


Phone Consultations


30 Minute and 60 Minute

Consult with Paulette one-on-one over the phone about strategy, marketing or just to get your questions answered.

30 Minute session: $59  |  60 Minute session: $99


Workshops available, check back for upcoming dates!

Hi I’m Paulette Baker and have been in the consignment business for 20+ years. I started my first consignment business in 1996 and it lasted for 3 years and failed. In 2001, I went for it again and this time my business was successful. I started this time with a 1,200 square foot empty building and a $1,000 shoe-string budget. Today my resale company is nationally recognized and a destination tour shop in my region.  Let me share with you the secrets of success making your consignment company irresistible, profitable and successful!


I personally created the Money Maker Consignment System (MMCS) products with you in mind. I can remember feeling overwhelmed and unsure what my next move was or how I would make enough money to cover all my overhead. This system can greatly benefit your life and your business by applying and using these practical techniques. If you have a brick and mortar store and need to revamp, reinvirgorate, or rebound, then the Money Maker Consignment System Guide can take your consignment and resale business to the next level in profits and success. This system is also a great tool to have if you plan to open a resale store in the future. It will save you time, money and show you success secrets to become the best professional resale shop owner. I love resale and I believe this program can help you love it more!

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